Secure Shredding

Within your business, you are likely to have lots of printed confidential material, which will, at some point, need to be disposed of. It is important that confidential material is disposed separately from normal waste and that it is destroyed correctly and efficiently.

If personal paperwork isn’t disposed of correctly, identity thieves could find out all sorts of personal information, such as yours, your colleagues’ or customers’ address, bank details and work place!

It is a legal requirement that we dispose Personal Identifiable Information (PII) correctly. Businesses and organisations can be fined large amounts for each breach, and their reputation can be ruined for a long period of time, organisations have been known to close due to security breaches!

The most efficient way to dispose of confidential paperwork is to simply shred it securely. Confidential or not, all shredded paper is perfect for recycling; which is helpful for the environment.

A paper shredder is an appliance which is used to shred paper into either strips or small particles – preventing the shredded content from being mis-used!

Our Auditors have in-depth knowledge of waste regulations and can ensure that you are disposing any personal paperwork correctly. We can also arrange any servicing for you.

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