Secure Electronic Waste

Let facility assist manage the secure disposal of your electronic waste, collecting old equipment from your site, securely erasing or destroying memory devices, recycling electronic components and providing a certificate of disposal for your records.

Secure Electronic Waste Disposal

Many devices contain an element of electronic storage media including PCs, Servers Laptops, SmartPhones, iPads and Printers.

At the end-of-life, these devices should be securely deleted to protect your data.  Having a Password alone on your computer does not secure the data on the drive!

Our secure waste contractors can process your devices to recognised security standards including:

  • Data Erasure to a minimum of HMG IS5 or
  • Physical Disk Shredding to a maximum of 25mm.

WEEE Regulations

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) creates an obligation to dispose electronic waste correctly through an electronic equipment waste management and recycling company. Electronic waste must be treated and disposed of in an environmentally-considerate way, away from any other waste.

Most offices and facilities produce a variety of waste streams which must be managed in accordance with regulations.

Waste Regulations

At Assent, our Auditors can advise on waste regulations, ensuring that you are disposing of your electronic waste correctly.

Our Facility Assist service means that we can record and monitor service dates to remind you when something is due, we can store copies of any records, so if you lose them we can email you a copy and lastly we can arrange servicing for you!

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