Pallet Truck and Forklift Servicing

Pallet and forklift trucks are two of the most common tools used in a warehouse and logistics environment.  Their regular use means they can be damaged easily.

Forklift and PalletTruck Maintenance and servicing is important to prolong the working life of both types of truck, and reduce the risk of accidents within the work place.

Pallet Trucks

It is often cheaper to service and repair pallet trucks, rather than disposing of Forklift Servicingthem and dealing with the environmental impact.

Pallet truck servicing involves an engineer travelling to your site, and then observing, adjusting and fixing any minor problems to prevent them from becoming more serious or  a safety hazard.

Forklift Truck Servicing

Forklift trucks are required to be Thoroughly Examined under LOLER, the Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, and other regular preventive maintenance is advisable.

Problems with a forklift truck could be dangerous to the person driving it and anybody else around the area. Forklifts which are serviced regularly and well looked after last long, perform well and are more likely to have no dangerous problems in the future.

We can arrange Forklift servicing for you, safely store copies of your records and monitor the service dates – helping you operates legally and safely.

Our ‘Facility Assist’ includes:

  • We can record and monitor service dates, to let you know when they’re getting close to their due date.
  • We can safely store your records, so if you ever lose or cannot find them, we can email them over to you.
  • We can arrange the servicing for you.