Fixed Wiring Installation Testing

Fixed Wiring Testing is the examination of the electrical wiring systems, which provides a route of electricity for a business’ building.

It is important that these are tested regularly particularly where the electrical installation has expanded over time, or where machinery or equipment is moved around the site.


Testing fixed wiring is a process which includes an arrangement of visual examinations and tests on the fixed wiring installation systems all around the building.

Electrical Safety at Work

The Electricity at Work Act (1989) states that

‘all electrical systems must be safe to use within in the working environment’.

Fixed Wiring Inspection

Not only does this act make checks fundamental, but many insurance companies make regular servicing a requirement.

Different buildings and businesses require different frequencies of fixed wire installation testing but generally the requirement if for a test every Five-Years.

Testing must be planned cautiously as these tests can affect the users in the building, tests are often carried out after the business’ normal working hours!

Generally a detailed report is provided after such tests. This report should include recommended actions that you would need to take to meet the BS 7671 Standard.

Our ‘Facility Assist’ service includes:

  • Recording and Monitoring service dates – alerting you when your next service is due.
  • A Central Store of copied records – in case you ever lose them, in which case we will email them to you.
  • Arrangements of any required servicing made for you!

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