Fire Alarms and Safety

It is essential to have secure, working Fire Safety Equipment throughout your business’ buildings – the main being the Fire Alarm.

Working Fire Alarms can protect you, your colleagues and even your customers. They provide a recognition of danger, alerting you to find an appropriate exit and escape to safety. If Fire Alarms fail, individuals inside the building, or outside, could be in danger! Not only this… but –

“a Fire Alarm which isn’t installed or working properly may cause alarm activations that aren’t needed – which could leave people to disregard an Alarm Signal in the event of a real fire!”

It is vital that Fire, Safety and Security Systems are tested and examined to confirm they are working and therefore protecting people. Fire Alarms must be serviced regularly, as well as Call-Points, Emergency Lighting, Suppression and other Firefighting Equipment. If all of these are serviced regularly then your Fire Risk Assessment will be clear with no problems!

Our ‘Facility Assist’ service lets you pass the worry of remembering service dates, losing records and arranging services to us. We can record, monitor service dates and remind you of due dates approaching. We safely store copies of your records so if you ever lose them we can email you a copies, and lastly we can arrange the servicing for you – taking the pressure away from you!

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