Emergency Lighting

‘Where there are People there are Risks’

All risks need to be carefully considered – Emergency Lightening for use in emergency situations and power failures is vital in creating a safe environment for people to work.

Having a source of light is crucial in any kind of emergency situation – people need clear escape/evacuation routes – adequate lighting allows evacuation routes to be seen and therefore used effectively, limiting the risk of accidents or obstructions, and allowing people to find the emergency exits within a building and therefore getting to a place of safety.

Emergency Lighting can be crucial in the event of a simple power failure, no working light can cause panic and affect the safety and wellbeing of people. This is where all buildings would benefit from proper working back ups – particularly buildings with stairs and/or lots of people.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs need regular servicing to make sure that they are working effectively. Though it is unlikely that you will need to use Emergency Lighting very often, if not ever – there is always a risk that something could happen and you will need and rely on it!

Remembering service due dates is so important to the safe running of any business but dates can be easy to forget – this is where we come in!

Our ‘Facility Assist’ service means that we can remind you when your Emergency Lighting is due to be checked, holding copies of service records and making arrangments the servicing to take place for you!