Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Surveyors - Asbestos SurveysThe control of Asbestos Regulations place a duty on those who operate a facility to identify possible asbestos containing materials (ACM), produce a register and have a management plan in place – something addressed by an Asbestos Survey.

Often, ACMs do not need to be removed immediately and can be monitored to ensure they are not disturbed.

Asbestos Surveys

Commissioning an Asbestos Survey from a qualified Asbestos Surveyor is an effective way to manage your commitments under the asbestos regulations.

Our Asbestos Surveyors can advise on where there is suspected hazardous material and produce a report which includes the mandatory register and management plan.

Asbestos Sampling

Where suspected material has been disturbed or is likely to be, it may be necessary to take a sample for testing, to verify the extent and type of asbestos present.

This can usually be taken by our surveyors during the onsite asbestos survey and the result included in the final report.

Asbestos Standards

The Asbestos Surveys are carried out to HSG264 guidelines and all our asbestos surveyors have a minimum of BOHS P402 training.