Air Conditioning Units

It is highly recommended that Air Conditioning Units are regularly serviced to make sure that they are working effectively and efficiently. If Air Conditioners are not serviced regularly, then their performance can decrease and they can eventually break. An Air Conditioning Unit’s filter can quickly become clogged with dust and dirt, causing a decreased airflow. Without proper care and maintenance, not only could the Air Conditioning Unit break, but the chances of a health and safety problem is increased.

Servicing should be carried out by a competent individual who alert you if any parts of the unit are damaged or it is nearing the end of its working life.

It is also important that your systems are energy-efficient as a show of your commitment in reducing your carbon footprint.

Our ‘Facility Assist’ service will help to keep on top of the maintenance of your Air Conditioning Units. Our Facility Assist support includes;

  • Recording and monitoring service dates, then reminding you when your next Air Conditioning service is due.
  • We would store copies of your records in case you ever lose them, so that we can email them over to you.
  • Servicing is arranged for you.

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