Facility Audit

Facility AuditThose responsible for a building or asset know that they not only have a Duty of Care for those who might be within that building/asset, but also, they are burdened by lots of legislation - a Facility Audit is a good place to start for anyone unsure of what their 'duty of care' actually involves or the legislation attached to such responsibility.

It can be hard to keep track of legal requirements and ensuring compliance.

Our Consultants will conduct a Compliance Audit to identify applicable legislation, define how it applies to your organisation and ensure that required records are in place.

Central Record Keeping

A Compliance Audit will collate important servicing and other records which can be stored centrally in our FM System.  We will then monitor the expiry dates of these and remind you when they are due.

What does a Facility Audit Cover?

We look at over 50 possible items including:

Plant & Equipment

There are legal obligations to inspect, examine or service a variety of plant and equipment including:

Fire & Security

Fire safety and security systems are installed in most facilities to protect against external and environmental threats.  These should be tested and serviced to ensure they are protecting your people and the asset, including;

  • Fire Detection, Alarms, Call-Points, Emergency Lighting, Suppression and other Firefighting Equipment.
  • Intruder Alarms, Access Control Systems and CCTV.

Health & Safety: Protecting People.

Those responsible for a building have a legal duty of care for their employees, customers, visitors and the public who might be harmed.

We have health & safety consultants who can help you manage risks on site, document risk assessments and achieve recognised Certifications.

Many organisations also turn to OHSAS 18001 to provide a structured approach to Occupational Health & Safety.